Primary School Pupils Enjoying Packed Lunch In ClassroomBack to school time is right around the corner and that means many moms are back to packing lunches. If you need a little inspiration besides the good ol’ PB & J, look no further than these adorable bento boxes. You’ll have as much fun making these as your kids will have eating them!

Pirate Bento Box – This swashbuckling lunch will have your kids arr-ing in delight. A muffin and cheddar cheese make up the pirates face while cucumbers make up the eye patch, mouth and mustache!

Spongebob Bento Box – Is your little one a huge Spongebob fan? Then they’ll flip when they see this creative lunch filled with savory flavors. Spongebob is made up of coconut rice with eyes made of egg and nori. Yum!

Animal Bento Box – A piece of bread is the base of all of these adorable animal face bento boxes. For a lion (carrot whiskers!) to a pig, the possibilities are endless.

Ladybug Garden Bento Box – This sweet lunch is made up of fruit, broccoli, cheese and a sandwich. So cute and so healthy!

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Bento Box – Who wouldn’t smile upon opening this lunch? A little bread, a little ham, and a whole lotta love.

Mummies Bento Box – Perfect for Halloween or any day really, these inventive mummies are simply pieces of bread “wrapped” up in mozzarella strips. Nori makes up the black part of the eyes and little spiders. Wow!

Owl Bento Box – Who, who would love this owl-themed lunch? Any kid that’s who! Bread, olives, carrots and a circle cookie-cutter are all you need to brighten up your kid’s lunch!

As you can see, you can pretty much turn anything you can think of into a bento lunch with a little time and creativity. So have fun, and make one for yourself while you’re at it!

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