If you are on Pinterest, and let’s face it, nearly everyone is.  You are probably bombarded with other peoples crafty ideas and creations. One of my favorite discoveries was an Etsy shop that turns your child’s artwork into a stuffed animal.  At first I was extremely skeptical, but after doing some research and gallery pursuing I was pretty impressed.  These stuffed animals would make a super nifty gift for any kid, especially one who fancies themselves an artist.

Their crafters who make these stuffed animals are both in 2d (cool) or 3d (über cool!). The price ranges vary from shop to shop, but you can look to spend anywhere from $15-$50.  If you plan to get one of these fantastic little creations for your little artist keep in mind that these stuffed animals are mostly hand made.  You have to allot time for planning, color mating, and the fact that you might not be the first order in the queue.  Be sure to inquire about turn around time before ordering.

Ask your kids to pick out one of their favorite drawings that they would like to see as a stuffed animal.  Better yet, go ahead and inspire them to create one just for this purpose.  I think it would make a super fun gift for kids to design their stuffed animals to give to a grandparent, or friend.  These things are so adorable that I want to draw a picture and have one make for me out of my own work.  Or maybe have everyone in the family create one for a whole family of creatures.  The possibilities are endless! Here are a few of the crafters that stood out to me:




-Stephanie Wright

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