This last week Target had some pretty great sales on board games.  I love board games, and I adore family game nights when we all get together to play.  I have plenty of memories growing up of my family playing games.  Scrabble, Monopoly, and Trivial Pursuit.  This was always something I wanted to give my kids too.  Of course I had to snatch up a game or two when they went on sale.  It was the perfect excuse for a Target run! 

My daughter chose to get Twister.  At first, I was a little worried that she wouldn’t’ be able to play, and the night would end with tears instead of laughter.  But then I figured this was a great way for her to solidify the difference between left and right.  And my son, he could solidify his colors, and begin to learn his left from his right!  This is a fantastically educational game in it’s own way.  There were a few moments of frustration at first, while we were learning to play the game.  My daughter had a rough time figuring out how to move herself around for the optimal position.  Once she got it though, she got it!  Then, because my husband is ever the lovable nerd, he found a Twister app on his iPhone.  Now all we have to say is, “Spin” and the iPhone app happily chooses a new foot/color combination for us.   No one has to sit out and be the spinner to play, and no one has to get off the board to spin. 

If you haven’t recently given this old classic a try for your family game time, you should  consider it.  If nothing else watching your kids tangle themselves, or even better watching your husband do the same is worth it!

-Stephanie Wright

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