My daughter  turns five in mid October, roughly two weeks passed the cut off for Kindergarten in our state.  Most of her little friends have just gone to their first Kindergarten orientation, some have even started actual classes.  As we stroll down the school supply aisle at Target, she can’t help but wonder why she isn’t going to school too.  It is frustrating for me, she is absolutely physically, mentally, and socially ready to start school.  Yet, because of some silly cut off date, she has to be held back a year. 

Private school tuition is out of our reach right now, so that is also not an option.  Instead of sitting around being bitter about it, we are taking the initiative and her desire to learn (and learn now!) and running with it.  We have opted to homeschool her this year.  Whether or not we homeschool next year, or any of the years to follow haven’t been decided.  I figure this is a decision we can make on a yearly basis.  I am well aware of all of the stereotypes that accompany homeschool kids.  For one, we aren’t keeping her out of public school to ensure she only studies the Bible.  We don’t wear prairie dresses, worship our cat, or sing through our noses.  For sure, we do not live in a commune. 

We do not hate public schools.  Sure I have my issues with them, like most people.  There are definitely places they can be improved upon, just like anything else.  We are not attempting to shelter her from bullies, or mean girls, or whatever it is.  She is already well socialized, and spends lots of time with other kids her age.  Some in the neighborhood, others in her gymnastics class, and everywhere else we go.  We are homeschooling for the reasons above and, because we want the best for our child.  My husband works in the hospitality industry and never has a weekend off.  Homeschooling ensures that when he does get his two days off we can do things together as a family, instead of the kids always being in school.  His vacations will never line up with school breaks.  This is simply what works best for our family right now.  Don’t be afraid to consider homeschooling your children if it might work for you, and don’t get me wrong it may not!  I am in no way trying to sway anyone into homeschooling, merely stating what we have chosen for our family and why.  

-Stephanie Wright

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