twintroubleHaving twins is such a blessing. But as a parent of multiples, your patience will be tested. You’ll be forced to stay patient, remain calm, and not take other things you used to fret about so seriously. Like, counter tops cluttered with mounds of school papers.

When my twins were of age to vocalize their frustrations and explore them with their body language is when I really learned the large amount of patience I now have.

Connor was known to throw things and Kelsie was known to collapse at any given second when life didn’t go her way. Tackling two different personalities and their aggravations with everything in life that could make any toddler mad at the drop of a hat became natural to me. I didn’t let it ruin our day. I’ve witnessed too many mothers running to the rescue of their child throwing a fit about absolutely nothing. Seriously kids get mad when the wind isn’t blowing in the right direction.  But giving the grievance air doesn’t help the situation.

I simply decided with my kids to allow them their fits and to let them know that we’d talk about it when they were done. Then I’d walk away. If we were at home I would take them into their bedrooms and tell them when were finished we could talk about what angers them. Only then could they come out of their room. This worked like a charm.

A few of my friends tried the same thing and it was successful for them too. I thought as the twins got older their dual pouting sessions would come to an end. I thought wrong. To this day at 7 years old and in first grade they still have their minor meltdowns. And when it happens, they get put on timeout in their bedroom until they are done.

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