It seems like baby shower season is here. I think I have been invited to at least four over the next six weeks or so! I love going to the baby showers with a gift that is unexpected. Everyone buys something for the baby. I understand that– it is called a baby shower, but the point is to shower mom, right? So I like to bring a gift that will be useful, loved, and maybe something they haven’t thought of. Especially for new moms, who may not know exactly what they may need, this is my new go-to gift. I call it the “hospital survival kit.” It sounds impressive right?

You start with a box. One that can easily be packed into mom’s hospital bag. I usually use boxes used to wrap clothes for a gift. Then you fill your box with things mom might need while she stays at the hospital to deliver her baby. You can go as big as you want, including a new set of pajamas, or as small including things like nail clippers. Or you can do any combination you choose. The idea is to put in things that maybe your forgot to pack, and wish you had, or things that are just plain useful!

Here are a few ideas:

Her favorite lotion (full size or sample size works for this stuff! I like to do samples just for their portability and cost effectiveness.)
Favorite shampoos and conditioner
You can even get samples of makeup
Mini travel sized hair curlers or straighteners
Nail clippers and files
Favorite coffee creamer
Favorite snacks
Combs, brushes, hair ties
Face wash wipes
A newborn sized outfit
A nice towel (hate hospital towels)
A book or magazine
Hand sanitizer

Place all the items you choose into your box wrapped in some tissue paper and you’re done. A unique baby shower gift that spoils mom when she really needs it.
-Stephanie Wright

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