Here’s the thing. A Valentine’s present can be tricky. You want your sweetheart (or your mom) to know you were thinking about them, without making them feel like you simply threw money at the holiday.

If you’ve heard it (or said it) once, you’ve certainly heard it twice: sometimes a hand-made card is all it takes. Literally! No fancy dinner, no hot air balloon ride, no sky-diving proposal.

Here’s a round-up of some of our favorite crafts we’ve found for this Valentine’s Day. A pinch of creativity is all it takes, and each craft is completely customizable.

For the Valentine with a sweet tooth: Rice Krispie Treat molded as a Hersey’s Kiss. Not only delicious, but the white “label” can say whatever you want. An inside joke, a profession of love, or

A Valentine from the bottom of your heart to the tips of your toes. This one is good for the kiddos and adults. All you need is a bit of paper, and some finger paint. Again, totally customizable. One, because no one in the world has your hand or footprints, but the note you include is completely up to you. Adults: try your hand at a handsome pun or two.

We couldn’t be talking about February 14th without mentioning Martha. For this craft, all you need is paper, scissors and a pen. Try her Quilled Valentine with notes.

There might be multiple fish in the sea, but let your love know they are the only one for you with this cute Valentine’s card with Swedish fish. Etsy seller PBJ&J has the cutest pre-made printable fish bowls sized to fit in a clear shaped treat bag. . . add a couple Swedish fish and you’ve got Valentine’s for your whole family (or class). She also offers customizable cards, if you have something personal and special you’d like to say.

The Two Shades of Pink Blog has cleverly crafted DIY Arrow Valentine’s out of wooden dowels. Talk about an arrow straight to our hearts. We think they’re perfect.

–Arianna Schioldager


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