fallfashion3We have a strange addiction to shopping for dudes. Menswear is more appealing to us than dresses, and finding really cool and unique gifts to give guys during the holidays is one of our favorite things ever.

We’ve found awesome items for you to give to your dad, boyfriend, fiancĂ©, or anyone else in your life. Heck, many of them are also awesome for women, so don’t let the title of this article stop you from buying one of these for your lady friends.

1) Retro Amplifier Mini iPad Case – This is a great option for the music lover or guitar player in your life. It looks like a retro amp, and it’s so beyond cool we don’t even know what to do with ourselves.

2) Vintage Nintendo Game Clock – This item is brilliant! They take old nintendo game cartridges and turn the into clocks! It’s a perfect office item, or addition to your quirky home decor, and any old school gamer would love this.

3) NFL Game Ball Used Football Cufflinks – These are awesome for sports fans. They are cufflinks made with memorabilia from different games. It’s a piece of history your dude can wear to those formal events he hates going to.

4) Gusto’s Rubs of the States – If your man is into BBQing this is an amazing gift to give him. It’s a collection of rubs that are traditionally used in different areas of the country. We love this one too!

5) Personalized Shaving Mug – This would be cool to pair with a gift certificate for your dude to go get a hot shave at your local barber shop.

Hope some of these gave you new ideas for gifts this year! Happy shopping!

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