We gather in kitchens. Have serious talks in kitchens.  We learn how to care for people in the kitchen; preparing, chopping, mixing, blending, and baking.  We laugh and love and cry in kitchens, but we also hang out in front of the refrigerator when no one is looking.

Too bad mindless snacking is the healthy body’s mortal enemy.  Next time you clean out your kitchen (it’s Spring after all), keep health in mind, and test out a few (or all) of the below.

Ditch the soda. Ditch the diet soda. Make a pitcher of iced tea and keep it in the fridge.

Don’t make excuses that you don’t have healthy options or that healthy isn’t quick.  Keep frozen fruits in your freezer and you can always make a quick smoothie.  Keep a blender close by and clean, so that it’s ready when you are.

Same goes for Tupperware. It’s a must for healthy eating.  If you cook at the beginning of the week, and store healthy options, it’s more likely that you will grab pre-sliced julienned veggies, or that grilled chicken for a salad if you don’t have to stop, drop, and prepare.

Out of reach.  It’s like that commercial where the lady hides the cookies for herself, except this time, you are hiding them from yourself.   While out of sight, out of mind doesn’t always work, if you make the treats harder to get to, by the time you get it, you may just change your mind.  Keep heavy carbs in tight containers on the bottom shelves.

Your appetite kicks in usually at first sight of food.  If chips and cookies are in your direct line of vision, you’ll crave them.  Keeping fruits and veggies at your eyesight ensures healthy snacking.  Make bite at first sight a healthy one.


-Arianna Schioldager

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