Easter is just around the corner! Easter festivities always create nostalgia of childhood for me. From an overload of pastel decorations, to scrumptious brunches, to decorating eggs, to receiving Easter baskets from the ‘Easter Bunny,’ to participating in egg hunts, the holiday never ceases to create smiles, full bellies, sweet tooth aches, and, when I’m lucky, grant a little shopping money.

Whether you are celebrating the holiday with your own growing family, college friends, boyfriends, or girlfriends, here are some great ideas to liven up the day and spread some Easter cheer.

Easter-Egg Balloons

These balloons are super simple and great for Easter gatherings.


Office supply dot stickers



Decorate the balloons with the dots!

Jelly Bean Carrots

Put them in Easter Baskets or use them as place settings.


Orange jelly beans

Green rickrack or ribbon

Clear plastic pastry bags


Fill the plastic pastry bags with the jelly beans and tie closed with ribbon.

Candy Nests

Use these as festive décor wherever your heart desires.



Double-sided tape

A ball of light blue yarn


Cover the outside of the bowl with double-sided tape. Wind yarn around the bowl until the ceramic is hidden. Secure yarn by tucking the loose end behind the wrapped yarn. Fill with mini-chocolate               eggs or candy of your choosing!


-Emily Freeman

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