It’s almost Valentine’s Day, and that means it’s time to get crafty!  I took a cue from my old friend Martha Stewart and found some adorable crafts that you can do with the kids, or even for your friends.  Who says you are too old to receive or give a Valentine?!

While browsing Martha’s site, this cute craft project caught my eye, and it is so easy to do!

Hearts and Blocks Valentines

Tools and Materials

White art erasers
Blank cards in muted colors
Pre-inked stamp pads
Heart-shaped cookie cutter
Utility knife


1. Press the cookie cutter into an eraser to make a heart-shaped stamp; use the utility knife to cut out rectangular and square blocks, which can either provide a background for the hearts or serve as the main design.

2. When planning designs, experiment with color and form: Try complementing pink with neutrals and greens, or use pale-colored ink on dark paper. Combine shapes in unexpected ways to create elegant effects: A silhouetted heart surrounded by color blocks, for example, suits the space as nicely as hearts in rows.

See all of her ideas on how to make your own valentines HERE.

-Jessica  Brown

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