I’m kind of addicted to Viva paper towels….they aren’t cheap, but I can’t resist buying them.  In truth, I usually buy the cheap generic paper towels at Costco, and then buy myself a little stash of the good stuff.  Yea, it’s sad when you can actually get excited over paper towels….but, have you felt them?  They are like cloth towels, but paper…….anyway, it gets worse, they have RECIPES that go with their paper towels?

paper towelsHello, do you know any other paper towels that come with recipes?  I think not!  Ok, most of these recipes can be made without them, but it’s kind of cool using a paper towel to create pesto. They have a deal with Food Network (I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials with Sunny Anderson).

I learned a few neat tricks….check it out Viva Diva Cafe

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