I love giving gifts.  Shockingly more than actually receiving them!  As a now seasoned recessionista, I have been wracking my shop-a-holic brain for the perfect gift to give to those nearest and dearest to me.  Alas, I was having issues finding something that was not just affordable, but something different then the usual goodies I procure.  

CamelsAnd then … it came to me … like out of a dream!  Chiccanvas.com, a website I came across when looking for something completely unrelated several months ago.   This really cute new, very user-friendly site can create gorgeous artwork out of your favorite pictures (digital or from good old fashioned film).  All sizes are available, there are tons of different styles to choose from and the prices are incredibly reasonable. 

Of course, the picture I selected was far from easy for the Chic Canvas team, small size and kind of blurry … however, they did it!  And my best friend now is the proud owner of us … riding a camel.  It looks like a great water color painting, not just a fuzzy photo and I think it should go right over the mantle, but that is just me.  To make things even better, Chic Canvas offers a satisfaction guarantee promise to all customers.  Perfect for the holidays – because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a picture of you hanging on their wall? 

Chic Canvas

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