The last few weeks of pregnancy can be torturous.  You are completely uncomfortable and undoubtedly ready to have this baby already!  It doesn’t help that your phone keeps ringing, and your email box is full of people asking if you’ve had the baby yet.  Despite how nice they think they are, it’s enough to drive you a little batty.  You have to find a way to pass the time so that you don’t go completely nuts before your baby arrives.  You have plenty of time to be nuts once the baby is here, let’s save it for then. 

In those last few weeks of pregnancy I love to read an old favorite book, one that I’ve read before, with a familiar story.  This time I’m in the Harry Potter series again.  I love to read it, but I won’t be upset if I don’t finish it before baby makes his appearance. 

Another favorite activity of mine is to give myself a pedicure.  Again.  It’s always nice to have cute toes when you go into labor.  My husband and I also have a tradition to go out to dinner one last time.  We know that once baby comes, time gets a little short so it’s nice to get one date night out before it’s time.  On that same note, if you have other kids, we like to go out as a family one last time.  This past week we took our family of four out for a nice picnic before we become a family of five. 

With each pregnancy I have splurged on a good haircut.  You often hear not to get a haircut while pregnant, but I have always had good luck.  It makes me feel nice in the midst of feeling grotesquely pregnant.  And lastly, just relax. 

-Stephanie Wright

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