Ask anyone about their personal goals, and eating healthier and looking younger tops most lists.  People are always testing out new diets, new vitamins, and new supplements, in the search of the fountain of youth.

Well there’s chatter of the best kind a brewing about bee pollen.  Bee pollen consists of plant pollens combined with plant nectar and bee salvia, collected with a special device at the mouth of a hive.

Bee pollen is sometimes hailed as “nature’s perfect food” because it contains all the nutrients needed to sustain life.  The Greeks and Romans called it the “life giving dust” Sound good?  Read on.

Here are just a few of the reported benefits of bee pollen:

  • It contains a high percentage of lecithin that helps dissolve and flush fat from the body.
  • Contains 22 elements needed by our bodies
  • Is rich in B-vitamins, antioxidant compounds and flavanoids
  • Many report the supposed effect it can have on slowing down the premature aging of skin
  • It contains natural phenylalanine (an amino acid), which acts as a natural appetite suppressant, and is said to eliminate cravings
  • Helps stimulate the metabolic system
  • Improves sexual function

It may alarm first-time tasters that it’s slightly bittersweet—it’s nothing like honey—and is more of an acquired taste.  It’s also important to exercise caution when purchasing bee pollen supplements.  Your safest bet is to purchase bee pollen through pharmaceutical GMP compliant facilities.  Health officials highly suggest selecting a supplement that is freeze-dried because this process preserves the vital nutrients and prevents the bee pollen from becoming oxidized.

Some people sprinkle it on their morning granola, and others grind up the granules and blend it into yogurt.  But no matter how you chose to ingest this superfood will surely get you buzzing about.  

-Arianna Schioldager

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