During this past week we had one heck of a heat wave. Summer is absolutely on it’s way, and when the weather is nice, there is no better way to wear those kids out than to take them outside to burn off their energy. Playing with and in water is that much more fun!

You don’t really have to have anything fancy to engage your kids in water play. A shallow pool, a hose, maybe a wash tub or large bucket, various old containers, and some sunscreen can make for hours of good old fashioned playtime. I like to have old juice bottles, some with water inside, others empty, some with holes punched in them so the kids can experiment with how each will react with the water. Some float, some sink, and others leak. It sounds simple to us, but for young kids it is way exciting! Bowls and spoons make great water play toys too.

If you’re feeling lazy, just turn on the sprinkler or hose and let them run. I can’t tell you the satisfaction that I get from squirting my kids with the hose. Their laughter is so fantastic. And remember, water won’t hurt you either, so let yourself get wet too! I promise your kids will get a huge kick out of splashing you. Don’t forget a good water balloon fight too!

Water play is the perfect way to keep your kids cool while playing in the heat of the summer, but don’t forget to offer them lots of water too so they can stay hydrated as well! Just as important, is to remember to slather your kids with sunscreen. Reapply after a few hours to avoid painful sunburns. Don’t forget to sunscreen yourself too, nobody ever looks good with a sunburn.

-Stephanie Wright

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