treeWedding season is in full swing, and if your calendar is booked with wedding after wedding this summer, you’ve got a lot of registry shopping to do… or do you? Lately, I’ve noticed a lot more people gifting cash instead of the standard sheet set or coffee maker. But is it kosher? Let’s think about it. Nowadays a lot of people are getting married older than before, which means that they probably already have all of the housewares they want or need. And wouldn’t you rather gift something you know they’ll use instead of yet another toaster?

Cash gifts are nice because then the happy couple can put it towards their honeymoon, a down payment on a home, or anything else they may need. They’re also a great solution for when you’re checking out the registry last-minute and see that only a $400 duvet or $10 spatula are left. Plus, no couple ever says, “No thank you, we’d rather have the waffle iron please.” In order to personalize a cash gift, make sure to include a heartfelt note congratulating the couple on their happy day.

Getting gifts off the registry are nice because you know the couple personally picked them out and these are things they actually want and need. A bit of a gray area is giving a gift that was not on the registry and that you’re not sure if they’ll like. Taste is a very personal matter, so don’t just take go with the I like it, so they’ll like it line of thinking, and stick to the registry or cash instead. –Esther Carlstone


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