camping teepeesI’ll be the first to admit, the Great Outdoors and I just aren’t BFF’s. I love a good hike and a scenic view as much as the next person, but the thought of hunkering down in the forest and sleeping on a cold hard ground while eating food out of cans has never appealed to me. Then along came glamping. Just what is glamping? Glamping is what I like to call my favorite version of camping. One where you get the best of both worlds – the breathtaking beauty of the natural wonders outside combined with all of the comforts and amenities of, oh, say a bed and indoor plumbing. Glamping has been popular in other parts of the world and is only recently becoming a phenomenon here in the US.

Unlike traditional hotel settings with a lobby and the works, glamping sites normally allow you access directly to the outdoors. The types of accommodations include everything from yerts (kind of a like a big fancy tent,) to motor homes to treehouses and more. They feature amenities ranging from furniture (a four-poster bed!) to an indoor wash area to food delivery. Depending on just how luxurious or non-luxurious ¬†you want to make your glamping experience, there’s something for everyone!

If you’re unsure of where to start finding glamping sites near you, check out handy sites like and And make sure to do your research before. Just because something is called a “glampsite” doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be in a luxurious setting. Prices range from $60 a night to… well, the sky’s the limit, so the range of properties you may come across can be quite vast. So use sites like Trip Advisor or Yelp reviews to determine what would be the best fit for your needs and desires.

So ready to get glamping? Pack your bags, your camera and enjoy!

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