We all break out and experience other skin dilemmas from time to time—just the lay of the porous land.  But certain areas correlate to specific issues, outside of simply say, “hormones.”

If you are having trouble with your…


This relates to your Digestive System.  Try to clean up your eating and up your water intake.  Avoid fatty and processed foods.  No more Doritos in the desk drawer.

Between your EYEBROWS

This relates to your Liver.  We all know what that means.  Cut out the booze, but also greasy foods and dairy, as this is a zone where food allergies show up first.  Incorporate exercise and get a full 8 hours a night.  Your liver needs rest too!

Around your EYES

This relates to your Kidneys.  If you have dark circles, make absolutely sure you’re getting your daily dose of water.  If you think you’ve had too much water, think again.


This relates to your Heart.  Cut down on meat and spicy food.  See ya later Indian.  Get more fresh air and add healthy fats (Omega 3s and 6s) like avocados and flax seeds into your intake.


This relates to your Respiratory system.  If you smoke or have allergies this might be your problem area.  Avoid foods that make the body acidic (i.e. lots of caffeine, sugar, and alcohol) and incorporate more green vegetables.


This relates to Hormones.  The sides of your chin are the signature zone for stress and hormonal changes.  Everyone has techniques for dealing with these two unavoidable elements, but decrease their power by staying hydrated, eating tons of vegetables, and getting plenty of sleep.


This relates to your Stomach.  Get your digestive system moving by upping your fiber intake, and drink herbal teas like chamomile with anise.

-Arianna Schioldager

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