There’s that moment when you’re sitting in the stylist chair, flipping through a magazine, when you spot a photo, forget that the girl in the picture has been primped and styled for hairs, and you exclaim, that, I want that! Those bangs.

24 hours later, you’re home. Your hair is un-styled and slept on—and your bangs are like a bad hangover that won’t go away. Le big cry.

Styling bangs, unless you’re a master with a round brush, is hard, their charms wear off, and growing them out is the devil’s work.

So, if you’re in the bang-growing-slow-rowing-boat try out these tips to soften the waters.

  1. Trim them.  Just like a bad haircut that’s growing out, you need to have your stylist reshape your bangs as they grow.  Otherwise you might end up looking like you cut an intentional mullet, or bowl-cut.  Your stylist will know what’s best—don’t attempt to do this at home.
  2. Futz with your part.  A side part can be helpful in camouflaging unsightly bangs.  Smooth them down with product (the heavier the texture the better), tuck them behind your ears, or pin them down with bobby pins. Make sure you buy the bobby pins that match your hair color.  Unless you want to look like a 3rd grader.
  3. Braid them into your hair.  A French braid that weaves your bangs into the rest of your head is a great disguise and is an elegant way to wear your hair regardless.
  4. If all else fails, just accept that you are going to be rocking the ponytail for a while.  Learn cute ponytail styles, like low and to the side, or up with a headband (yes, this can look cute).

Remember this feeling for next time, and just don’t do it.

-Arianna Schioldager



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