During the summer months my kids get especially dirty. All that extra running around outside is bound to get them caked in grime.  My daughter loves bath time, she would bathe herself twice a day if I let her. My son on the other hand, is quite the opposite. The boy shreiks at the sight of the soap, and cries at the sound of the running water. Maybe it’s just one of those many differences between girls and boys, but he is just not a fan of bathing. I have had to do my best to make bath time as enjoyable for him as I can. And I will tell you now that this has been no easy feat.

Some of my tricks might help get your reluctant bather scrubbed and clean too. I found an ice cube tray that’s shaped like little rocket ships at the dollar store. When I put water into the tray I add a few drops of food coloring as well. The colored ice cubes make a fun little game for my guy while in the bath. He chases the rockets around, and as they melt they leave little food coloring trails. Not enough to stain his skin or anything, just enough to induce giggles.

Another favorite of ours is to have what we call glow baths. Our dollar store always has small glow sticks for sale. They are the kind that are meant to be worn as bracelets. The pack comes with about twenty. If my son is good while I wash his hair I will put a few active glow sticks into his bath and turn out the lights while he plays and I wash the rest of his body. I even do my best to dry his hair and comb it while he is still playing with his glow sticks. It’s the longest period I have when he is completely still!

-Stephanie Wright

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