Trying to shed those last few baby pounds? How about those college fifteen (or twenty in my case)? With so many of us fitness minded these days I thought I would take the time to point out the highlights of using the elliptical machine.

One of the biggest plusses for me is that it is a completely low impact (if not no impact) machine. This is great news for those of us with joints that don’t enjoy the jarring impact of running. The movement on the elliptical is also easy for beginners to get the hang of quickly. When done correctly the elliptical machine is close to a full body workout. Not to mention that 30 minutes on the elliptical can burn up to eighty percent more calories than thirty on the treadmill. Not many other machines can work your thighs, hips, core, butt, and arms all while delivering a fantastic cardio work out. No wonder these machines are always in use at your local gym!

Remember when on the elliptical machine to try to keep your hips stationary. This will work your muscles the hardest. Also do your best to use the arm bars as well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m known to let go of them on occasion to, but I know that I’m losing a valuable upper body (including back) workout.

Home units are much more reasonable than you might think; you xan score one for about the same cost of a year’s gym membership. Combine an elliptical workout with a light dumbbell routine and you will shed those pounds and trim up in no time. If you’re already a dedicated elliptical user and you’re looking for something to charge up your routine, head on over to the rowing machine. It is another cardio and strength training powerhouse.

-Stephanie Wright

2 thoughts on “Why Ellipticals

  1. true story – i lost my 30 pounds of baby weight on the elliptical. 4 pounds left !!
    great article Stephanie =)

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