There’s no denying it. Winter is here and plans on sticking around for a few more months.  And while every season has ups and downs, winter is definitely known for its colds.  So this winter, take control of your health and ward off sickness with a few simple steps.



  • Vaccinate. There are signs everywhere for Flu vaccinations.  There’s no reason not to shore up your bodies defenses. Pop in to your local pharmacy (CVS has vaccinations daily) and take your shot.


  • Wash your hands. It seems so obvious, right? But germs spread like wildfires in summer, and all those runny winter noses? Those hands all touch doorknobs.  And since germs can live on soap bars, a pump soap is ideal to use when possible. And be sure to dry thoroughly.  Bacteria loves damp spots.


  • Try to avoid touching your face.  You’d be surprised how many times a day we touch our faces with dirty hands without even realizing it.  Be cognizant of touching your face in germ heavy places, like the checkout stand at the market.


  • Don’t hole up inside.  Exercise can actually boost your immune system. And fresh air gives you a break from stale, germ-rich, inside air.


  • Hot water with lemon, every morning.  This one is part old wives tale, part fact. Ok, not science, but it works.  Hot liquids help break up congestion and mucus, and lemons provide vitamin C.


  • Speaking of which…Vitamin C. You don’t have to chew those little orange pills, unless you want to. Drink an EmergenC in the AM, or peel an orange.  A healthy dose of Vitamin C (not an apple) keeps the doctor at bay.

And if you’re starting to feel symptoms creeping in, there’s nothing better than rest, hot tea, and a dose of Boiron Homeopathics Oscillococcinum Flu Remedy.

-Arianna Schioldager

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