In the land of fashion, rules were made to be broken. If you still abide by the old you can’t wear white about labor day aphorism, it’s time to break protocol.

Winter is a fabulous time to wear white, especially when set against a rich blanket of fresh snow (add a red lip and it becomes immediately cinematic). Whites are crisp and modern. They’ll make you pop in a sea of more “traditional” winter colors.

Wouldn’t you want to be the girl in the white dress, in the sea of red, black and green? We can’t see why not.

A cozy sweater is a staple in the winter months, but sometimes less is more. Forgo fair isle prints and holiday prints, a simple egg-shelled cable knit or an cream angora stitch jumper are the perfect way to top off your outfit. Cozy and chic in one fell swoop.

White pants are difficult to pull off, and a more dramatic cut (long lines, high-waist, wide-leg) matches the aesthetic of winter better than say, a beachy capri cut. You’ll also need something that’s a more favorable winter fabric– i.e. linen is not so appropriate here. Silks and wools are great. Like this high waist silk pair. They say for summer but good news, they’re great for winter. Or have some fun with two-tone,

No matter what the jumpsuit, it owns a room if you own it. And white pleated neckline jumpsuit is no exception. Add gold or burgundy details and, forget the top of a tree, you’ll be the most stylish angel in the room.

You may think a white shoe screams summer, but we aren’t telling you to throw on an espadrille. An elegant white heel with toe-contrast is an instant stand-out. Just don’t go walking through any slush puddles.

-Arianna Schioldager



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