I am happily chugging along making more Christmas crafts this week. And of course, sometimes between all of the crafting, you could use a little snacking too. Who does not love a craft and a snack combined? Your ingredient list is small, flour tortillas, butter (or cooking spray), and cinnamon sugar.

Grab your flour tortillas and warm them in the microwave. You want to get them just warm enough that you can bend them easily without them tearing at all. I have three kids, and therefore used three tortillas. I microwaved them for twenty seconds and that was perfect. Once warm and soft, fold the tortillas in half. And then fold them in half two more times. You should end up with a cone shape.

Now here is the fun part, grab your scissors and cut the tortilla just like you would if you were making a snowflake out of paper. You probably cannot get too detailed, so focus on bigger easier cuts. When you are satisfied, unfold the tortilla and voila, you have a tortilla snowflake! Place your snowflake onto a baking sheet.

We are not done here though. A plain flour tortilla is not the most satisfying of treats. This is why we use butter and cinnamon sugar. You can absolutely use cooking spray or oil. I just happened to have the butter most easily accessible. We melted about a tablespoon of the butter and brushed it on each tortilla with a basting brush. When the butter is sufficiently spread sprinkle on the cinnamon and sugar. Make sure you get all over the entire tortilla!

Bake your snowflakes at 350 degrees for roughly ten minutes. The sugar will caramelize a little and the butter will help the tortilla turn into a chip like texture.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool. Then enjoy!

My kids are three and six and were completely able to make this treat by themselves start to finish. The only exception of course, being the operation of the oven. You know best what your kids are capable of, but it should be a pretty easy snack for them.
We like ours served with fresh fruit and yogurt for dipping!

-Stephanie Wright

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