They don’t call it a workout for nothing.  Not only is it actually hard work, but you’re often required to spend your hard earned work dollars to do it. What! Seriously, does Pilates really have to be $25 bucks for less than an hour?

For those of us who aren’t blessed with deep pockets, but still want our butt’s to look fabulous when wearing them, check out some free (!!) workouts.

Before the days turn cold…

Most beaches offer volleyball nets. Take your pick of nets that run along the coast (you’ll need to bring the ball) and if you get adventurous, look into joining a league.  Did you see the bodies of the US Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team?

Hike down your costs

Nothing gets glutes go-to-ready like scaling the side of a mountain. Try The Hollywood Sign Hike for something different.

Donation Omm-ly

There’s nothing that beat the blues and the lumps like a yoga class, and with donation only classes you don’t have to choose between kale chips and a downward dog.

Runyon Canyon Park offers donation only classes, but get there early as mat-toting regulars fill up the lawn quickly.

If you are into Bikram, Bikram Yoga Silver Lake offers a ten-dollar donation Saturday class.  I know, it isn’t free, but it’s a step in the more affordable direction.  Take solace that your money is going to benefit TACA (Talk About Curing Autism).

Park it and Move it

We’ve come to accept that exercise equipment is at the gym, but au contraire my workout friend many parks offer everything that a gym does.

Visit Hollenbeck Park in Boyle Heights.  It has equipment, which though a little dated, works just fine, stairs and a little lake to run around.

Be wary of the geese.  They’re a feisty bunch.


-Arianna Schioldager

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