I don’t like referring to parts of my body as “problem” areas; the connotation is too negative for my tastes, but like most everything, there are parts that need more, let’s call it, upkeep.  My inner thighs never seem to see the light of day, and with every year that passes they grow a little less firm, a little more wobbly.

Like many women, I often look to yoga to create tone and definition in that inner thigh arena. In fact, it’s the foundation of my summer bikini legs, because almost everything, from your first sun salutation to your last downward dog, heavily relies on the large muscles in your thighs.

Warrior Pose III

Great pose that helps improve balance and stability while strengthening your legs. Your left foot, back, and arms should form a diagonal line, and all should be parallel (or as close to it as possible) to the floor.

Your inner thigh (and bonus! outer) will feel the burn.  Don’t drop out.  The longer you can balance, the firmer your legs will be.

Chair Pose

Come into a chair pose: upper body at 45 degree tilt, abs engaged, inner knees and ankles touching, hips lowered to a half-squat, and arms over your head. Now hold. You want as much weight at possible in the back of your heels, that way you really feel it working your thighs.

Downward Dog

The good ole staple.  If you’re downward dogging properly, you will feel a lot happening in your legs.  What many forget, is that your legs should be engaged (pulled up…it’s the same thing they tell ballet dancers to do) the entire time you’re in a posture.  The more you engage, even when no one but you can tell, the firmer your legs. So, get those kneecaps up.

-Arianna Schioldager

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