kidinyardIt’s hot and the kiddies are bored. What’s a mom to do? Check out these easy and fun backyard water activities that any toddler would love! Just be prepared to get wet!

1. An oldie but a goodie. Simply buy some toddler-friendly water squirters and let them run around letting off steam and cooling down at the same time. Just make sure to have those towels handy and those water shoes on to prevent any falls.

2. Fill a small kiddie pool with several inches of water, and a bunch of small blown up balloons. Stick the kids in there (under close adult supervision, of course) and watch them have a blast!

3. Kiddie car wash! Do you have some of those giant plastic cars or wagons sitting around needing a cleaning? Why not kill two birds with one stone? Fill some buckets with water, get some large sponges and kid-friendly soap (even their baby shampoo will work) and let the little tots go to town helping you “clean” their vehicles. If you really want to get fancy, you can go all out like this mom and create an entire drive-thru car wash in your backyard.

4. Remember the Slip N’ Slide?! Well create your own version follow this easy tutorial. Just make sure to keep it from getting too slippery as to prevent any injuries.

5. Try fishing in the backyard! It’s super easy. You just need a bucket, or any other container (even a kiddie pool will do) that you can fill with water. Then drop in some plastic fish with paperclips attached to them and make a fishing rod out of a stick and string with a magnet attached to the end. Voila! Instant entertainment.

6. Very young toddlers will get a huge kick out of mini water sensory stations. Fill one bucket with bubbles, the other with sponges…the possibilities are endless.

7. Color tubs. Young’uns will get a huge kick out of sitting or playing with containers filled with water and a drop or two of food coloring. Toss in some corresponding colored balls, and watch them oooh and ahh. Check out this version over at Two Daloo.

8. Another it’s-so-simple-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that activity: take both empty bowls and ones filled with water outside, hand your toddler some measuring cups and spoons, and sit back and relax while they amuse themselves forever.

9. Water painting is just about the easiest sidewalk activity you can do. All you need are some paintbrushes and a bowl full of water. Your little one will be in heaven as they get to “paint” with water and watch it fade away minutes later.

10. Head on over to the dollar section at your local store and pick up several water guns, hand ’em over, and watch the fun ensue!

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