ROYAL COUPLE LEAVES LONDON HOSPITAL WITH BABY SONA royal heir is finally born! With Will and Kate welcoming their baby son (and the future King of England), what better time for you to host a royal celebration than now? All hail the king!


Think red, white, blue, and Union Jacks. Floral teapots, doileys and lace will also do for a more tea party geared soiree. Really want to go all out? Get a plastic crown or tiara for every guest to wear during your unforgettable gathering.


Union Jack Cupcakes – This patriotic cupcake features a colorful Union Jack design on top.

Scones – What’s a British-themed royal celebration without some scones. Preferable with a nice cup of Earl Grey tea that guests can drink with their pinkies up.

English Trifle – Many of your guests may ask, “What is a trifle?” That is until they take one bite of this decadent and delicious English treat when the question will turn to, “Is there more?”

Fish and Chips – wrap this traditional British pub meal in newspaper for an extra authentic touch. And don’t forget the malt vinegar and tartar sauce!


Pimm’s Cup – One can’t have a Brit-themed party without one of these! Make a toast to the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge and let the party really begin.


Play an awesome selection of Brit musicians ranging from The Cure to David Bowie to, One Direction, and, of course, The Beatles.


Find a croquet set and have a fun game with friends and families, just like the royals do!

Above all, have a bloody good time mate!

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