artsandcraftsRunning out of things to keep your toddler entertained? Check out five super easy toddler art projects that will not only stimulate their imagination, but keep them occupied as well!

No-Mess Painting – I love this activity. It’s super easy, and unlike many other art projects, the clean-up is a breeze! Simply tape a piece of paper to a high chair tray (or anything similar) and squirt some big blobs of finger paints in 2-3 colors on the paper. Next, take a large piece of plastic wrap and place it over the paper with paint, and tape it all around the tray. Finally, have your toddler use their fingers to move the paint around and “paint” on top of the plastic wrap. When they’re done, simply take the plastic wrap off and let their masterpiece dry! Easy peasy.

Sticker “Art” – It doesn’t get much easier than this. Grab a bunch of stickers (and they don’t have to be cute kid ones either, even those label stickers offices are filled with will work great), some colored pencils, watercolors or markers, and paper, and let your kid go wild. They’ll love being able to use as many stickers as they want and coloring or painting over them is just an added bonus.

Edible Yogurt Painting – If you have one of those kids that just tries to eat everything,¬†this may be the project for you! Simple mix yogurt with edible food coloring to make “paint” and let your little one’s fingers do all the work. Best part is, if they decide to lick their fingers clean, it’s a-okay!

Handprint Butterfly¬†– I’m sure most of us remember doing this at one point or another. Have your toddler dip their hands in paint to make the wings, and help them paint or draw the abdomen. Once the handprints are dry, let them use glitter or stickers to decorate the wings. This one will be totally frame-worthy.

Toddler-Friendly Collage – Little hands may not quite have the precise motor skills yet to make a collage out of paper and glue, but along comes contact paper to save the day. Simply tape a piece of contact paper, sticky side up, to a window they can reach, a table, etc. Then give them a bunch of objects (anything form pom poms to bits of dried pasta will work) to stick onto the paper however they want.


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