beansWe try our best to cook at home as often as we can. A lot of this includes finding quick and easy meals that don’t include something frozen out of the freezer (although we do partake in that sometimes). There are a lot of fast ways to make a healthy meal, and you can find a recipe for just about anything out there on the inter web, but we decided to the other day to just wing it.
We are lucky enough to have a Trader Joes nearby, and they have a ton of pre-cut, already prepared raw veggies. Call us lazy, but there is something wonderful about already prepared vegetables that makes us extremely happy.
So in our quest to make a fast meal that would fill us up we decided to take a spin at the three bean salad.
We grabbed some peeled edamame, a can of kidney beans, a can of chickpeas, some already peeled beets, and some green beans.
We dumped everything into a bowl, and topped it off with our favorite salad dressing. It was so easy it should be illegal.
While a big bowl of that kept us full for the afternoon, you may need to add some extras to make it work. Perhaps some hard boiled eggs, some broccoli, goat cheese or some pieces of chicken would do the trick.
We also made our dressing from scratch! Just take some onion, mince it, put it in a bowl with some olive oil, white balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, salt and pepper, and you’re done! Fresh and delicious.
This would also make a great side dish for your main meal, and it lasts in the fridge for a bit so make sure to enjoy those leftovers!
What are your favorite quick and easy meals? You know we love suggestions!


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