picnicIt may be almost over, but did you know August is National Picnic Month? I know I didn’t! So in honor of this fun outdoor past time, here’s a roundup of some essential (and some non-essential, but awesome) picnicking gear you’ve just gotta have (and can use through fall)!

1. Basket – There’s something just so romantic about the notion of a wicker picnic basket filled with goodies to nosh on while sitting in the splendid grass, isn’t there? And a basket like this one from Picnic Time is just too chic to resist – it even comes with gingham cloth napkins, a wine opener and wine glasses!

2. Silverware and plates – You can go really green and bring your actual silverware and dishes from home (or many picnic basket sets now come with included silverware,) or you can get compostable or resusable ones like these awesome bamboo versions. For dishes, I recommend a melamine version that’s light and easy to clean.

3. Blanket – No such thing as a picnic without a picnic blanket. Make sure to get one that is outdoor friendly and can wick away moisture and dirt like this version from Crate and Barrel.

4. Portable table – If you’re not too fond of the idea of sitting in the grass, invest in a great portable table that literally just rolls out and props up giving you a nice flat surface to enjoy your goodies on.

5. Canvas tote bag – Surely your basket won’t fit everything you want to bring with you, so make sure to have a few easy-to-wash canvas tote bags on hand for all the extras.

6. Portable iPod speaker – Create a little ambiance with your picnic, and bring along a portable iPod speaker that will allow everyone to enjoy some tunes while soaking up the sun.

7. Cheese board – If you’re planning on having some nice cheese at your picnic, and don’t want to slice it up before hand, make sure to bring a small cheese board and paring knife. The presentation will be lovely and the company happy.

8. Ziploc bags and tupperware – These are essential for packing and transporting all of your goodies

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