24619465_mlWe’ve passed the middle of the year–which means some of you may be re-evaluating New Year’s Resolutions. Yes, those forgotten promises you made to yourself in the midst of a mind-numbing hangover. But there’s still time! Here are 7 of the most innovative health and wellness sites to get you back to optimum health and happiness.


Liv360 is a personal discovery engine for health and wellness resources designed to help readers live smart, organized, and connected with the right caregivers. Users curate “boards” with the best information that has worked for them in their journey to health, which in turn serve as a roadmap to those just beginning their search on treating an illness, helping a loved one, or collecting resources on living well.

The New York Times Well Blog

The New York Times Well Blog is run by New York Times columnist and author Tara Parker Pope, and covers disease, healthy living, fitness, and features expert advice from the world’s leading medical professionals.

The Happiness Project

The Happiness Project, which started out as a book when Gretchen Rubin wrote The Happiness Project, has evolved into an online movement dedicated to helping people get more out of their everyday lives by setting specific goals. Reporting on her daily adventures in the pursuit of happiness and habits, Rubin’s blog as become quite popular for those in search of happiness tips.

Q by Equinox

Q by Equinox is an online platform created by one of the most popular gyms in the nation. Believing that your body is the best investment you’ll make, Q editors updated the website daily with fitness, nutrition and healthy living news.

Precision Nutrition

Known for providing a number of great free resources, the Precision Nutrition blog provides health-conscious consumers with a plethora of personal nutrition articles, columns and videos.


Touted as an online personal growth resource, MarkManson.net teaches a reality-based form of self-development, as investigated through a deep understanding of psychology and culture. Keeping in mind that having healthy relationships, both platonic and physical, contribute to one’s overall wellbeing, Mark encourages readers to “let go of idealization and practice imperfection.”

Mind Body Green

One of the first wellness sites of its kind, Mind Body Green helps green-living consumers marry their fitness, healthy eating, and eco-friendly habits to live a stress-free life.

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