bookheartAre you and your fiance a pair of bookworms? Love getting under the sheets together and getting lost in your favorite printed words? Then consider a literary-themed wedding.

* Start with the invitation – Set the theme right from the start. Design an invitation to look like a book, with a cover, inside pages, and a back flap. After the standard who, what, when, where info, add a great quote from a favorite novel. Or, another idea is to use old library cards, stamps and all, as either invitations or charming save-the-dates. Seriously, how adorable would that be?!

* Use books as tablescape – Stack vintage copies of your favorite novels and place floral arrangements or candles on top.

* Incorporate book pages into your decor – Use pages of old books to create a vintagely charming garland. DIY instructions can be found here. And why just stop at garlands? Book pages are great for making flowers, confetti, name tags, and more. Click here for some more ideas.

* Incorporate a favorite passage into your ceremony – Have a close family member or friend read a romantic passage out of a favorite book you share.

Give books as favors – At the end of the festivities, gift each guest with a copy of your favorite book as a couple, with a personalized note written on the inside cover. You can even take it one step further, and make favor bags out of old pages (is there anything you can’t make out of those? We’re starting to think not.)

* Books as wedding cake? – While you may not want to take your theme this far, many couples have custom-designed wedding cakes to look like a stack of their favorite books. Or, another twist on this would be those increasingly popular cupcake towers with tiny mini books as toppers, like the one seen here.

Above all, have fun! Wedding planning is stressful enough as it is, so pick a theme, then sit back and go with the flow.

– Esther Carlstone

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