Like all young kids, mine love to be crafty. And the holiday season is the perfect time for them to get their craft on. Today’ plan to get our holiday crafting started, we made Christmas trees out of paper plates. This is another one of those obviously easy crafts that take little to no preparation on your part. My favorite kind! All you need are white paper plates, and coloring supplies.

Take your plate and cut off two sides, creating a triangle. The bottom of the triangle will be rounded. Have your kids color or paint their trees green. We chose to use markers to make the trees green so that we could add our lights and ornaments faster instead of having to wait for the paint to dry first.

When the trees are completely green grab some finger paint. Have your kids dip a finger into the paint and then out their fingerprints on the tree. These are your Christmas lights. You can then use markers or pencils to draw small ornaments on. Or, you can put drops of white glue all over and sprinkle with glitter.

If you are worried about setting your kids loose with glue, there is always the option of using stickers.
My kids each made two of these giving us a grand total of six paper plate trees. Once they were completely dry I punched a hole in the top and used some twine to hang them as garland.

Perfect afternoon craft for some of these cold days.

-Stephanie Wright

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