Pretty young girl with long blond hair enjoying a beautiful autuSo long mini skirts, move over too-long maxis, it’s finally time for the midi to shine! What exactly is a midi, you ask? It’s exactly as it sounds; a skirt that falls right between the super short mini and maximum-coverage maxi, and usually falls right around the upper to mid-calf area. The midi has been touted by fashion designers and insiders as the new “it” length for a few seasons now, but seems to now just be catching on with the general public. I can see why the public has been reluctant to embrace this new trend of skirt. It’s not the easiest length for everyone to pull off, and when worn incorrectly can make you look awkward, matronly, or shorter than you actually are (gasp!).  Many detractors claim that this is only a style that a super-skinny and tall (aka model) can pull off. But that’s not necessarily true. Here are some tips for the making the midi work for you:

* Balance is key  – thanks to the demure length of the midi, a girl can show a little more skin on top. Make sure the top is fitted to balance out the loose structure of the skirt, and bare those shoulders… if you dare. If you want to toss on a cardigan or jacket, just make sure it’s streamlined.

* Bye, bye flats – Unless you’re Gisele Bündchen, pulling off a midi without heels can make you look… well, frumpy. Look for delicate strappy heels or pumps to elongate what’s left of your calf that’s showing.

* Belts are your friend – For an easy way to class up your outfit, tuck in your top and add a belt around the waistband of the skirt – a simple addition that makes a big impact.

* Accessorize! – If you’re going for the classy, ladylike look with the skirt and top, create some contrast with edgier accessories, like a spiky necklace or a boxy clutch.

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