Okay dads and kids, this one is for you. Let’s talk about Mother’s Day. This shouldn’t be a day for you to fear, but one that you
look forward to. Who doesn’t want to show the mother in their life a little appreciation!

I know what you’re thinking, I can always just take mom out to eat so she doesn’t have to cook. This is true, and I’m sure for many moms that is an awesome treat. But it can also be expensive. Not to mention slightly unoriginal. As a mom, I’ve got a few ideas and insight to share with you.

First of all, we moms really did homemade things. Cards made by our kids (and significant others) really make us feel special. Practically anything with lots of colors, hand prints, and the smell of school glue is a winner.

If you’re feeling more creative, but not necessarily crafty opt to send mom to bed early. This is always a big winner for me. At 7pm I get to go into my room, take a bath, read, relax and turn in whenever I get tired. My husband takes care of the kids and their bedtimes plus takes care of any after dinner chores.

Starting a load of laundry and dishes. Ah, it is bliss. Sometimes we do this in reverse as well. I get to sleep in while daddy gets the kids up and our day started. Last year my kids took me on a walk. It was short, but very sweet. If you opt for the ever popular “let’s cook for mom so she doesn’t have to” route, make sure you include cleaning up too!

Another fun idea would be to give mom a “time out.” Why not let mom get some time out during the day to herself. Sometimes we don’t realize how beneficial an hour away from things really can be. If none of these ideas suit you, you cannot go wrong with hugs and a simple “I love you.”

Whatever you do take the time to show the mommies in your life that you love and care for them.

-Stephanie Wright

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