There’s only a scant block of time left before Chicago turns unbearably summer-muggy.  Right now is a great time to visit.  The winter is
over.  The humidity hasn’t set in—you can actually walk about and experience all there is to offer.

Lay Your Head

Different pockets of the city offer a wide array of accommodations, but if you want to stay in one of the most happening areas, Bridgeport, check out Benedictine Bed & Breakfast, a monastery turned B&B.  Aberdeen Street just south of 31st.  It definitely will be different.

Must Visit Neighborhood

This is the tattoo welcome part of the city.  Located within the West Town community area, Wicker Park is blend of popular pastimes: boutiques, art galleries, theaters, restaurants, nightclubs and coffeehouses.

Take Me Out

No, not to the nightclub, but to the ballgame.  Wrigley Field is a given, but it’s also an unforgettable experience.  There’s no parking around the stadium so the atmosphere is rife with walking excitement. Even better, be extra-extroverted, make friends in the area and get invited to a party on one of rooftops that overlook the ballpark (sometimes home-towners even set up seats and sell tickets).

Take a Breather

In the Myopic Bookstore of Wicker Park.  It’s been in the neighborhood for 20 years and it has 80,000+ books.  The mystery section… is in a vault downstairs.

Unbutton your Pants

You can’t do Chicago without the deep dish.   There’s some debate over what’s “the best”, but visit The Original Gino’s of East Chicago, and scribble your name in the wood with all the other patrons.

Walk on the Wild Side

Ask any of the students at Northwestern (if you get a chance, visit the campus), skinny-dipping in Lake Michigan is must.  Kind of ballsy, kind of cold, and kind of awesome.


-Arianna Schioldager

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