False: You need a gym membership to get in shape.

Truth: Gym memberships run up the price totem pole, and after a long day a work, sometimes we just want to GET home. Forget the drive and the parking lot and the girl on the treadmill that is there just to emphasize our lack of commitment.

What you need to get the most out of your home workout is a floor– one large enough to lie down on– and a few accessories. That’s it.

Want to work your butt? Remember step-class with the thong leotards? Well, get yourself a Plyo Box (a step stool works too) and stand both feet parallel on top of it. Extend your right leg out, and squat as low as you can while extending both arms forward. You can do this while catching up on all your tivo’d shows.

How about that core? All you need is one stability ball. There are many exercises you can do with a stability ball (even if you just sit on it instead of the couch), but crunches on a stability ball are said to be 38% more effective. That’s 38% more ab when it comes bikini season.

No accessories required. Lunge. Up and down your hall. Until you can’t lunge any more. Blast some music and don’t stop until the neighbors are banging down your front door. Add weights for a more intense burn.

Jump rope for your heart and your body. Easy to do and even easier to store. Jumping rope is a great way to get your heartbeat up and you burn about 10 calories per minute.

Throw the yoga mat down. You can do one (or all) of the following: leg lifts, squats with free weights, crunches, and throw in a few sun salutations for good measure.

-Arianna Schioldager

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