There’s no place quite like Boston in the fall. The foliage turns ribbons of deep colors. The air is crisp.  Oh and not to mention 300,000 plus spectators line the Charles River to watch rowers compete in the world’s largest two day rowing event.

This October 20-21st is the 48th Head of the Charles Regatta®.  Never been to a regatta? Don’t know what to expect?

What With the Name

A head race is a time-trial competition in rowing. We usually refer to it as crew.

Know When to Cheer

There are an average of 9,000 rowers, usually from every state in the USA and multiple other countries.  To best prepare for your weekend, be sure to check out the schedule, and take note: the last and most esteemed races of the Regatta are usually the women and men’s Champion 4s and 8s.

What About the Course

It’s 3.2 miles long and rowers pass under 6 bridges total. If you’ve never been to Boston or walked the bridges, take advantage.

Hang at The Village

Everyone is welcome at The Village. The Village is located on the Boston side of the Charles River between the Weeks and Anderson Bridges. Positioned at the halfway point in the race, it’s considered by many the best viewing location of the whole race.

Plus the Weeks Bridge is one of the sharp turns on the course, and collisions occur at this point more than any other in the race.

It’s also the only spot along the race where alcohol is served legally, and you’re walking distance to Harvard Square.

Admission is only $5.

Let the Oars Carry You Away

Who knows, by the end of the two-day extravaganza you might be calling “Power 10” from the sidelines. It’s a call for the rowers to do ten of their best, most powerful strokes.


-Arianna Schioldager

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