Olay, (some know it as Oil of Olay) has done it again ladies!  Decade after Decade, Olay has consistently delivered revolutionary and affordable skin care products and their new Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System is no exception.  Designed by a team of dermatologists and experts, it has been introduced to compete with products in the $200.00 price range, like the Clarisonic Skincare Brush ($195.00 sephora.com).

The 2-Speed, rotating system delivers deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and allows you to clean six times better than regular washing.  The Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System also sets your skin up to maximize the effects of your moisturizer and serums, specifically anti-aging products.  Best of all, the cleaning system is water-resistant so you can take it in the shower.

For $29.99 you get the Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System (with batteries), soft bristle head (replacements available) and a sample of Olay’s Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser.

Olay.com for locations.

Jana Gersten

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