It isn’t quite bikini season yet, and for many of us the idea of catching a glimpse of our backsides in a dressing roomis enough to make us shirk the light for weeks on end, but truth be told, there’s no better motivator than bathing suit shopping.  Plus with all the options available, it may just end up being fun…

The first piece every girl needs is a black bathing suit. Like a classic LBD or go-to black pump, your bathing suit drawer needs one.  Bikinis are recommended, because black pieces are easy to mix with others.  Fit is key, and there’s no one bathing suit that works well with every woman’s body.  You want something that doesn’t cut or pinch in the wrong places.  You know your body. Choose accordingly.  You can wear this Bandeau Top five ways. Seems like a good place to start.

Mix and Match

I’ve got a drawer full of bathing suits so mis-matched even Iris Apfel would be appalled. However, if you mix and match properly, you can get some serious stretch out of a few key pieces.

Madewell makes it easy, and does some mixing legwork for you.

You could easily match this brightly dotted Tori Praver Betty Ruched Bikini with an all black top or bottom. Same goes for her Chilean Flower Print Kailani String Bikini.

J.Crew stands out in my memory as the spear-headers of the M&M (mix and match minus the calories).  They’ve still got it and there are so many options for all body types.  Try their not-so teeny-weeny polka dot bikini and then match it with monochromatic reds, blues, and whites.

If you’re into polka dots, but not your belly button, try this Sweetheart Patchwork Maillot. Straps are removable too, which heads off those pesky tan lines.


-Arianna Schioldager

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