I love spring time, the flowers and the birds, and just the general feel of renewal that comes with it.  Because its my job to try and ensure that my kids have a good appreciation for spring too, we have been getting outside as often as possible to see all there is to see.  This year, it seemed like we weren’t getting enough birds in our garden.  I figured this was a good excuse to teach the kids to make some bird feeders.

These are very simple to make, and the kids can absolutely get their hands dirty making these.  Head to your local pet store and pick up some bird seed.  There are different types of seeds for different types of birds.  We usually buy a bag that is for general purpose or common birds.  Ask an employee of the store if you have any questions.  Once armed with your bird seeds, get yourself a few empty toilet paper rolls and some regular old creamy peanut butter. Punch a hole on one end of the toilet paper rolls and string a loop of string or ribbon through it.  This will be how you hang your bird feeder.  Get your kids to spread on a healthy amount of peanut butter onto the toilet paper rolls then slowly roll the buttered toilet paper rolls into the bird seeds.

That is it, you have a fantastic bird feeder.  Hang them from the branches of a tree, or off a hook outside of a window.

-Stephanie Wright

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