It’s that time of the year again: no socks, no boots, no problem!  Wiggle your toes in the summer sun (might be a good idea to get a pedicure first) and slip your feet into some these beautiful sandals.

For the days when your pedicure is starting to chip, Urban Outfitters has this toe-covered option, the Marais USA Woven Sandal.  Available in four lovely colors, but like nude heels help elongate stems, so do nude sandals (hint, hint).

Zara does royal blue hues really well.  This pair of royal blue and combined black strap sandals is no exception.  Guaranteed to make your foot look elegant.

The espadrille is making a comeback. You don’t need to wear leather to be stylish, and since there’s no need (in my opinion) to shell out too much for shoes that will most likely need to be tossed out by the time the summer sea and sand are through with them try Topshop’s Verona Coral Espadrilles.

Many women have similar concerns about straps going across the ankle making them look shorter.  If this falls into a concern of yours, steer toward a slender sandal that doesn’t chop your ankle in half.  This Kimchi Blue Macrame Slingback Sandal is a great option.

Before you balk at the price tag on these puppies, think hard about the following justification.  We wear our sandals to death in the summer.  We wear them to the beach, on boats, in water, through muck.  Every gal should have at least one pair of fancy sandals they are worried about ruining. That said, See By Chloe makes a beautifully crafted and simple leather sandal, perfect for day-to-night.  And if you really feel like blowing your bank, leave it to Proenza Schouler to create this lust-worthy leather and canvas blend.


-Arianna Schioldager

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