478400_mlIf you’ve ever had your heart broken then you know that it’s not always easy to see the silver lining in the moment. It can be completely crushing emotional and even physically painful, but at least at the end of the day you know that a broken heart can’t kill you. Oh wait hold up one minute…yes it can.

Broken Heart Syndrome is the cute name for stress-induced cardiomyopathy or takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Even a totally healthy person can experience the sudden enlarging of the heart when stress hormones flood the area, which causes sudden intense chest pain similar to the feeling of a heart attack. Broken Heart Syndrome doesn’t require blocked arteries like a traditional heart attack does. It usually comes on within minutes or hours of a stressful or upsetting event and it’s diagnosed with dye and X-rays.

Luckily it is treatable most of the time with a few weeks of recovery.  Actually dying from BHS is rare, although it’s been noted that two people who spend their lives together often pass in quick succession.

The good news is that most people survive a broken heart no matter how devastating the circumstances. Some of the best advice for dealing with heartbreak is: “Go through it. Not around it.” Sometimes taking the path of least resistance is just feeling stuff fully to get it to go away. If you accept hard feelings for what they are they’ll have nowhere to go but into better places. — Kate Ferguson

3 thoughts on “Broken Heart Syndrome Is A Real Ailment

  1. I believe this is also being posted on FaceBook, though I’m not SURE….
    Connie Crouch

    I always KNEW it was really bad! I know those who’ve died soon after their mate did, & I would also like to point out that this article doesn’t include suicide. As a formerly suicidal person, I KNOW how it was to feel so bad I didn’t have any way to cope. For a long time, death seemed the only sure way to make the marrow-deep pain STOP! I only stopped trying when I realized I’d hurt others by murdering myself, & I love my friends & family more than myself. But I think suicide IS the result of unbearable stress!

  2. My daughter was murdered. I can’t wrap my mind around it. It happened 4 years ago and I can’t comprehend the fact that she won’t come walking in through the door !
    I can’t believe she’s not here. My life is surreal. I act (I think) like a normal person. I get groceries and take my grandchildren to school. I smile and say hello to whomever I’m around. Even in the midst of laughing with someone, I’m shrieking inside. I died along with my precious girl. I do not know how to not be lost. Death is permanent. No matter how long I wait, she’s still dead. How could this have happened? How can this be? What can I do?
    I can only say that a broken heart, a shattered heart is real. There is no answer, there is no solution.

  3. Sheri , I DO understand your dismay.

    If you believe in God, & I have countless reasons to do so, then you must know, death is anything BUT “permanent.” Your child is waiting for you, & while our lives SEEM long, they’re really not, & eternity is…well, permanent.

    THAT is what you should keep in mind. Pray for peace, patience, & understanding. Pray sincerely, & follow God. He will lead you Home.

    I’ll add my prayers to yours. If by chance you haven’t been able to pray, just know that God forgives us EVERYTHING, including our misdeeds such as not trusting Him,& not praying. Never mind; just start again. He’s ALWAYS listening. Pray for good things to happen, rather than getting things. He’s a Person, not a big “Santa Claus in the sky,” as some folks think of Him. And never ever forget, He loves you. No matter WHAT, He LOVES you, & your daughter is with Him right now.

    May He bless & keep your soul & body, & may your daughter be forgiven any sins she might have done. <3

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