I’ve tried many different chore charts over the years.  Ones with stickers, and rewards, others like lists or charts.  Your options are endless.  However, there are a few things you can do to get your kids more interested in their chores.

First of all, our chore chart is on a chalk board.  I like the flexibility of the chalk, verses printing something off the computer.  I also encourage you to let your kids help decide what their chores will be.  For younger kids, allowing them to pick each day helps them feel more involved.  Kids are more likely to complete tasks if it was partly their idea.  Give them the choice of three things out of six for example.  Older kids can choose too, but obviously they will have more to do.  I am a big fan of not having to ask kids to do things, especially not more than once.  If kids are choosing their chores you should not have to ask them to complete them.

In our home we only give incentives to kids who did their chores without being reminded, and did them right.  For my little kids, when they do chores right without the reminder, they get points.  Points can later be redeemed at mommy’s goodie store.  I have a box that I keep stickers, dollar store toys, small packs of cookies and crackers.  All “sold” for different points.  My kids really enjoy going shopping, so they do their chores quick and to my standards.  Bigger kids would probably prefer money over the store idea.  But, you could change the amounts based on how the task was preformed.  Or you can stick with the store and put gift cards or movie tickets inside.

Remember incentives are only earned if you do not have to ask for chores to be completed, and if they are done to your standards.

-Stephanie Wright

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