The grass is always greener. Or so they say. We crave other women’s legs, eyebrows, you name it, if it isn’t attached to us, we want it.  And hair. We split hairs over hair!  We love everyone’s but our own.  Ours is too curly, too straight, too thick, not thick enough, and frizz? Don’t talk about frizz.  We chemically treat it, straight iron it, curl it, tease it, up-do, down-do and start all over again.  We rifle through different product at the behest of commercials and promises.  We buy it, use it, toss it, change it.  Our day-to-day bathroom hair grind is like that Daft Punk Song, Technologic, except we’re singing about follicles.

Well, leave it to scientists, including Dr. Bob Langer of MIT, and a company located in Boston called Living Proof to undo years of covetous hair-behavior. The Living Proof product was designed to actually answer the issues that women have with their hair, not mask it; for once, a hair-care company that cares.

Their best selling line at Sephora is called “No Frizz.”  Even then girls at the register swear by it.

The shampoo and conditioner block humidity without weighing hair down, and repel dirt to keep your hair cleaner longer. The products are sulfate, silicone, oil and paraben free, among a laundry list of other nasty sounding chemicals.

The Living Proof No Frizz Discovery Kit at Sephora is one their editors’ top picks, and to start you’ll get a shampoo, conditioner, an styling cream.

If frizz isn’t your issue (ah, I feel the jealousy creeping in), they also have a Restore and Full line. All offerings available here.

Try it and you’ll be happy to let your hair down—in more ways than one.  Or as the bottle promises, you’ll be Living Proof.

-Arianna Schioldager


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