Every year my husband and I fly to Florida to see my parents over the holidays. They are convinced that having a palm tree with lights on it instead of a Christmas tree is the perfect idea of paradise. But this year I wanted to do something different, something bold, something memorable! That is when I remembered a little town/island called Bocas Del Toro, “meaning mouths of the bull” off the tropical coast of the country of Panama and discovered by the one and only Christopher Columbus!

My friend recently took a job working down in Bocas, Panama and kept twittering and posting pictures on Facebook that would make anybody with a 9-5 job jealous. So finally she convinced me to check it out this hip little island for my next holiday vacation, since we weren’t the traditional snow-loving American family.

Best advice I ever got!  I found an amazing price on airline tickets and another good deal at local Bed and Breakfast! So instead of Christmas presents my whole family went to Bocas Del Toro Panama for Christmas 2009!

We stayed at Lula’s Bed and Breakfast, a very high-end bed and breakfast; I recommend it to anyone who wants an awesome low key bungalow. And while we were there, we surfed, snorkeled, and took a zip line through the amazingly beautiful Panamanian forest for really cheap! I was also pleasantly surprised at how many people spoke English and how vibrant the nightlife scene was.

I can’t even begin to describe how beautiful the island town is! It is truly is the best kept secret of Central America and I am super happy I took a leap of faith and made the trip with my family. In short, everyone in the family thanked me and thinks I’m a genius for finding this place, but little did they know of my intentions were purely selfish.



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