picnicbasketSometimes (ahem, Fridays, we’re looking at you), you’re just so tired from the week that all you want to do is stay in. Well, that doesn’t have to mean date night is completely out of the picture…just bring it indoors (or even outdoors if you have a backyard.) Here are five easy steps to having a memorable picnic date at home:

1) The food. What’s the most important part of a picnic anyways if not the food? Make easy-to-eat picnic fare like fruit salad, fried chicken, pasta salad, and, of course, don’t forget dessert! And if you want to make it extra easy on yourselves, use disposable plates and utensils (sorry, environment, but it’s just one time!)

2) Set your ambiance. Sure you could be lazy and just toss an old blanket on the ground, but why not take it a step further and light some candles, play some music (another advantage to date night at home – you get to pick the background noise), and if you’re in the backyard, string some twinkle lights (c’mon, who doesn’t love twinkle lights?!) Oh, yea, and need we remind you, it’s a picnic, so sit those butts on the floor!

3) Pour that wine (or beer, or margarita….)! There’s no corkage fee at this restaurant, and no designated driver needed since you’re already at home, so bottoms up!

4) Get dressed up…or don’t. Half the fun of staying in is being able to hang out in your comfy clothes. So decide if you’re going to have a pajama picnic, or a dressier version to make it feel like a “real” date night.

5) Find some entertainment. Try to act like you’re really on a real picnic. Whether you project movies on a wall, play board games, or just have meandering conversations, make it different from the usual Friday night sitting on the couch and watching TV routine.

– Esther Carlstone

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