macandcheeseOne of our favorite dishes on planet earth is mac & cheese. The creamy goodness mixed with the salty flavor of the cheese just makes us want to cry (from delight) every time we taste it. It’s probably what helped us gain all of our winter weight. Oops!

If you love this dish as much as we do, you’ve probably tried it at every restaurant that offers it on the menu. Some are a slam dunk (lobster mac & cheese, we’re looking at you!) while others fall a bit short.

Anytime we have a bad meal, it reminds us that we could probably make it ourselves, and better, at home, and we begin to search the web for new and interesting recipes to try.

So this week, we are on the search for amazing mac & cheese recipes and we think we’ve found a few that may interest you.

Bacon Truffle Mac & Cheese – Hi. Our name is Sasha and we just died and went to heaven and in heaven they serve this dish and it never adds an inch to our waist line. Anything with truffle and we are pretty much sold. Thank you, person who made this recipe. You are our new best friend.

Mediterranean Orzo Mac & Cheese – We love the idea of using something other than a typical small shell or bowtie pasta for a mac & cheese dish. Plus the combo of feta, white cheddar, and olives sounds pretty perfect.

Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese – Butternut squash, Gruyere, and pecorino all together in one brightly colored dish of deliciousness? Yes please! And an extra serving if you don’t mind.

┬áHard Cider Mac & Cheese – Our brain just exploded. We’re sorry. Did you say hard cider? And apples? And cheese? Yeah goodbye, we’re dead and happy and nothing else on the planet could make us feel more excited than we are by this recipe so, game over.

We are in a virtual food coma and it’s time for a virtual (or real) nap.

Any recipes we missed that we should be trying out?

-Sasha Huff

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